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The Project Management Global Institute (PMGI) is owned and operated by DPM International. PMGI is a global leader in project management training and is a full-service training institution providing students with project management training, research and opportunities to gain practical experiences whilst studying. The Institute offers Diplomas, Certificate and short courses as well as exam preparation courses in project management, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Global Reach

PMGI has been named a Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P), by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, which means our certificates are accepted globally and that our students enjoy pre-approved status with the Project Management Institute as it relates to education hours gained by doing courses at PMGI. We are also authorised to issue Professional Development Units (PDUs) to existing project managers. 

Focus on Making Our Students Stand Out

To date, PMGI remains dedicated to teaching project management in Jamaica and globally to persons who are especially interested in excelling in their respective field.

Practical & Competency-based Curriculum

Our award winning curriculum is practical and competency based. We augment our courses and keep current through cutting-edge research and consultancy projects globally. Please visit our consultancy arm at

At PMGI we leverage our consulting expertise and international partnerships to provide high impact project management training aimed at increasing value for individuals and their organization. In order to ensure maximum organizational benefit, it is important to ensure that projects and programmes contribute to the organization’s strategic objectives, whilst portfolios are aligned to the organization’s overall strategy. Therefore, we take a complete and integrated approach to training so as to assist individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. Our training programmes are delivered by internationally acclaimed trainers and project management practitioners as well as some of the best local project management trainers, recognized as experts in the field of project management and Microsoft applications.


Our mission is to deliver an outstanding learner experience to each student, which provides a lifetime of great unforgettable memories,gained through training courses that not only equip each student with skills that boost employability and professional mobility, but also enrich their self of well-being.

We achieve our mission by fostering the development of technical expertise, management abilities and professional versatility required in today's knowledge based economy. As well as to promote in each student an enthusiasm for the development of country, workplace and community, thus changing the world one student at a time.


 Meet the Team

Sherrone Blake Lobban (MA (Econ), PMP) is the Founder of DPM International and PMGI ad currently sits on the Board. She is and an avid advocate of results-oriented, people centric development planning and implementation. Sherrone’s areas of specialisation are graphic facilitation, strategic planning; project management; customs and financial sanctions monitoring, programme monitoring & evaluation and curriculum development. She has worked with the government of Jamaica, and international organisations including the Inter-American Development Bank, UK’s Development for International Development (DFID) and the United Nations. Sherrone is an expert in various areas of customs and financial sanctions monitoring and since 2002 has been serving in an Expert capacity as a member of several United Nations Expert Panels on issues concerning Côte d’Ivoire, Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan. Her most recent mission was in 2015. Sherrone continues to contribute to the growth of project management evidenced through several innovative initiatives including the founding of the Project Management Global Institute; installation of the prestigious bi-annual Project Management and Young Project Management of the Year Awards; and establishment of the first Project Management Summer School for youths in Jamaica. Sherrone has contributed to the growth and development of the entrepreneurial sector in the Caribbean, through her involvement with the Young Entrepreneur Association of Jamaica, where she previously served as Chair of the Ethics Committee.

John Lobban (MBA, PMP), is a Co-Founder and Board Chairman of DPM International. Mr. Lobban is a senior business analyst and enterprise risk manager with Jamaica’s largest commercial bank. Mr. Lobban brings to the team a wealth of experience in business process, asset and financial management. He has over 30 years’ experience in banking and finance. He is an expert in areas of business processes review; financial and budget system; and risk management. He is a key person for risk management and business alignment processes within the financial sector and currently serves on the NCB Credit Union Board. He is actively engaged in the United Church in Jamaica and the Cay­man Islands.


Dr. Nsombi Jaja, P.M.P; C.M.C. sits on the Board of PMGI and the managing director of Quality Management Consultancy Co. Ltd., a consulting practice providing assistance to the business community in the areas of strategic management, quality management, leadership development and customer service management. She founded this company in 1986 and it is now a recognized regional consulting firm with clients and associates throughout the English speaking Caribbean. Nsombi is the President of Quality Management Consultancy Inc. USA located in South Florida and a member of the board of the Institute of Caribbean Studies located in Washington DC.


Jannett Gibson, MBA, PMP is a Senior Trainer at PMGI and serves as Programme Director for the Mastery in Applying Project Management (MAPM) course.Jannett has 19 in the services industry with one of the world’s largest providers of IT solutions, the last 8 of which has been as a Project Manager managing IT projects on behalf of customers. Previous positions held at this company include Human Resources Professional and Coordinating Administrative Officer.



Dennis Brown, BSc, PMP is a PMGI Senior Trainer and currently utilizes his skills, experience and professional certification (PMP) in project management to successfully prepare and deliver project management training to Business Professionals. He has been a PMGI trainer since 2008 and is currently one of our key trainers in project management. Dennis is retired from IBM Corporation USA and during and after his tenure has successfully led and completed numerous projects including projects on behalf of local Universities, Credit Union League, Banking, Government and Retail sectors.

Awards & Accolades

We are the proud recipients of:

  • Sterling Contribution to Project Management
  • Smart and Savvy Entrepreneur

 We are the creators of:

  • Project Manager of the Year Awards - Jamaica
  • Young Project Manager of the Year Awards - Jamaica

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