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Career Management Services

Companies and individuals alike spend a lot of resources on training without a sound strategic plan for return on investment. We have developed an innovative and a progressive approach to career management that could assist you to successfully implement and manage your career strategy in line with business vision, mission and objectives.

 We believe that career development is a lifelong and cyclical process. We apply the following approach to career management:

 Phase I - Assessing Self & Preferences (understanding self, attitudes, ability, skills, interests & values).

 Phase II - Exploring Options (proactively identifying, understanding and matching self to the possibilities and opportunities within the organization and the broader business environment).

 Phase III - Developing Skills & Experience (building skills, expertise, knowledge & reputation).

 Phase IV - Marketing Self (obtaining the skills to seek, retain, maintain and change jobs within and organization).

 Phase V - Performing & Planning Next Steps (developing the skills to make effective career-related decisions and career transitions).

 Career Development Services

 Our career advice consultants help organizations with the following:

  • Career assessments
  • Skills consolidation and gaps analysis within the organization
  • Career development design and strategy
  • Career counseling and advise
  • Student capital investment provides the best returns

 Career Support

We offer an in depth and client focused student support service, with major focus on career support  services.

Each student can avail themselves of advice on their choice of courses and guidance for their future careers. The Institute offers:

• Advice on careers, paths from a trained Student Welfare Officer.

• Up-to-date careers information on occupations and employers.

• Practical career building workshops dealing with CV writing and interview skills.

 To benefit from career services:

  1. Complete a career counseling session by completing a Career Advice form after registration
  2. Attend Career Fairs hosted by the Institute or our partners
  3. Attend Career Work-shops hosted by the Institute


Awards & Accolades

We are the proud recipients of:

  • Sterling Contribution to Project Management
  • Smart and Savvy Entrepreneur

 We are the creators of:

  • Project Manager of the Year Awards - Jamaica
  • Young Project Manager of the Year Awards - Jamaica

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