PMGI Graduates Give Advice on Mastering Project Management

Everyone approaches academic work differently; however, the common view from our students is that the PMGI, Mastery in Applying Project Management (MAPM) programme is the most rigorous and in-depth project management course locally.   The experience is like a real world project with all its critical paths, forced deadlines, diverse team, and scope and budget constraints. While we try to prepare you, it’s often more helpful to get advice from alums. They have ‘been there, done that’, they have experienced your pain, and they’re here to help.

Here’s advice from Joan Jonas (MAPM 2015) and Ryan McPherson (MAPM Overall Highest Achiever 2016; and Member of Super Team) on how to ace the MAPM from day one, and how to make the most of this life changing journey - the PMGI, Mastery in Applying Project Management certificate programme:


My advice to students is to get going from day one! As soon as your team project is selected, you should start preparing the Project Management Plan.  Build out the project as you go along and do not wait until the end. The course – just like a real project – is iterative, therefore you can progressively elaborate as you do each class. In addition, I recommend that, if possible, the Project Manager should be the person whose project is selected as the team project. This person will provide not only subject matter expertise but also leadership and buy-in. It is my view as well, that identification of the work packages and work breakdown structure would then be greatly enhanced if this person is selected as the project manager.


You will be placed in teams, which are selected by the PMGI administrative team. Embrace your team members irrespective of the differences. This course has taught me the importance of working in teams regardless of what differences may exist.  One has to find a way to make it work. In the real world it is almost impossible to select the team members who you will work with on projects and as such respecting each other’s views is extremely critical. Also, I cannot overemphasize the importance of reading ahead. The reading helps you to better understand the lectures and to do well on the quizzes.

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