Business Analysis Fundamentals

Course Code: PMGI 0215    Credits: 1.4 credits   Education Hours /PDUs: 21

Whether or not your title is "Business Analyst", business analysis work is expected from project managers, quality assurance professionals, and pretty much everyone in the organization. It is a complex and broad discipline! This course outlines the critical tasks included in the business analysis profession, along with definitions and examples of the various requirements types. It will also cover key analysis techniques for eliciting, analyzing and presenting requirements.


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Target Audience

Business Analysts, Project Managers, Team Members

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Define the major tasks included in business analysis work
  2. Describe the difference between project work and Enterprise Analysis
  3. Describe and give examples of different types of requirements
  4. Elicit, analyze and document the scope of a solution
  5. Plan business analysis work based on the characteristics of the project
  6. Practice several analysis techniques and learn where to use them

Class Materials

Students receive supplementary materials that provide the exercises and case studies that are used and referenced throughout the class.

Pre-requisite (non-mandatory)

Not mandatory but knowledge of project management fundamentals would be beneficial

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Business analysis as a discipline
    • Overview of business analysis tasks
    • Practice defining terms used in requirements
    • Define methodologies and processes where business analysis tasks are used
  • Stakeholder analysis and communications
    • Learn the importance of building and maintaining stakeholder relationships
    • Learn six techniques for eliciting requirements
    • Learn techniques for developing detailed questions for stakeholders
    • Improve your requirements note taking and presentation skills
    • Understand the value of consensus building
  • Project Work
    • Learn three techniques to define solution scope
    • Practice planning business analysis work
    • Learn to analyze and manage requirements
      • Data analysis
      • Process analysis
      • Business Rule analysis
    • Understand the role of the BA in solution design
    • Analyze solution interfaces
    • Understand the concept of verification and validation of the solution
    • Develop a plan to assure smooth implementation of solution
  • Enterprise Analysis
    • Learn to develop business models to understand the business
    • Assess true business risks and needs
    • Practice drafting a strong business case
    • Learn to identify and recommend projects
    • Learn the importance of supporting the enterprise architecture
    • Measure and improve BA performance
  • Requirements
    • Learn to detail and categorize requirements
      • Business and stakeholder requirements
      • Functional and non-functional requirements
      • Transition requirements
    • Understand the concept of Requirement Asset Management


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