Velko Miloev, International Freelance Consultant

My name is Velko and I am a person with relatively extensive experience in implementing internationally sponsored projects in the areas of democratisation and elections. When I started searching for an online project management course my goal was to be able to apply for higher level management positions in larger projects, but also to be better prepared for project proposal writing – in a team or on my own. These days more and more of the potential employers in my areas of professional interest are functioning as project based organizations / missions. Now, almost in the middle of PMDP, I feel I have made the right choice.

Initially some of my friends suggested that a certificate issued in a country so far away from my region where my actual and potential employers operate – the Balkans, Eastern Europe – may not look very impressive on my CV. Possibly true. But I was not only or predominantly interested in the certificate, I really wanted to learn new stuff and/or see my field experience in a theoretical framework. I believe I did a serious research and some friends also helped by directing me to courses with providers based at home or abroad. I also visited the office of a firm in my own city that was also selling PMBOK® Guide /SkillSoft based courses. Finally two factors shaped my decision:

First, the content – development oriented. There wasn’t indeed a big variety of offers of that type on the net and what was promised at DPM International web pages appeared to be best suiting my needs.

Secondly, I wanted the course to be interactive rather than just pay for a yearlong access to the electronic version of a schoolbook.

Well, even if you buy a bestseller from a Nobel prize winning writer it might not fully match your expectations. I am very satisfied with the PMDP, particularly with the emphasis on the project planning phase and the variety of methods introduced. The course administration is great. So far I only once needed to be in touch with the course facilitator on a graded activity. This is less than in a conflict management online course I passed last year and which included more required ‘homework’ – also in teams with other participants - and useful internet discussions.

With the DPM International online course I now appreciate the opportunity to work independently and at my own pace. Other courses – shorter or more extensive – require adherence to much more rigid timetables. And flexibility is usually very important, particularly for freelancers like me – as I write this, I am preparing for an unexpected, but meaningful short-term assignment in Iraq…

So, I am looking forward to do one more module before departure, and the rest - upon a safe return. 

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